Terms& Conditions

  1. Membership

1.1 ‘Collegians Rewards +’ is offered by the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ Clubs – Collegians RLFC Wollongong, Collegians RLFC Balgownie, and Red Dog on the Green (“we, us”)

1.2 To apply, complete an application form and provide the required ID and payment. Limit of one membership per person. Only eligible persons may join. ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property employees are not eligible.

1.3 Membership gives you right of entry to all or any part of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties.

  1. ‘Collegians Rewards +’ Terms

2.1 ‘Collegians Rewards +’ terms (“Terms”) – these terms, ‘Collegians Rewards +’ brochures and promotional material included on the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ and ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties websites, premises terms of entry and codes of conduct as issued by the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties may change from time to time. The latest version of the Terms are available at the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties, on ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property websites and at collegians.com.au (“our website”). In the event of any inconsistency, the latest version of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ membership terms and conditions prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

2.2 We reserve the right to make any changes to the Terms (including benefits) at any time, without notice by the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties including to:

2.2.1 if we are required to make changes to act legally or in accordance with the requirements of a Government authority;

2.2.2 create, amend or remove ‘bonus qualifiers’ for membership benefits to which different terms and conditions apply, including but not limited to the benefits applicable to each bonus qualifier for membership benefits and the method and rates of point accrual and Rewards offered to you as part of ‘Collegians Rewards +’;

2.2.3 set and change the number of points required to be earned and maintained under ‘Collegians Rewards +’ within any period for eligibility to any ‘bonus qualifier’ for membership benefits within the Scheme;

  1. Cards, Tiers and Benefits

3.1 The way you can earn, receive and redeem loyalty points at each of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties varies, and we may partner with others to provide benefits. For details see a ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property or our website collegians.com.au. Loyalty points currently includes ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ but may change in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3.2 The rate of accrual of ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ points is determined solely by Collegians and may change at any time without notice.

3.3 To accrue ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ points members must insert their own Collegians membership card into the gaming machine console whilst playing the gaming machine, or present the card to be swiped at a Point of Sale register at any time in the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties when making a purchase. ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ earned through organised private function spend on Food do not count towards movement of tier levels.

3.4 ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ points that are converted to ‘Xtra Credit’ points cannot be changed or removed from ‘Xtra Credit’ once transferred

3.5 ‘SmartMoney has an expiry date of 6 months from the date of redemption. Conditions of use of ‘SmartMoney’ vouchers are found on the reverse side of each voucher.

3.6 To redeem ‘Collegians Rewards +’ points, or to redeem any other prizes or promotional offer as specified from time to time, members must present satisfactory identification to a Collegians ‘Collegians Rewards +’ host. Redemption of entitlements under the rules of the promotion cease at the stated time of the promotion ceasing.

3.7 Voluntary Pre-commitment limits are available upon request from any member under the ‘Xtra Credit’ functionality of the IGT gaming system. See our Duty Managers for more information.

3.8 Collegians has procedures in place for SELF-EXCLUSION that can be used to assist you if you think you have a problem with gambling. See our Duty Managers for more information

3.9 Membership cards always remain our property across the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ Clubs. Membership cards must be returned upon our request.

3.10 A membership card is issued for your personal use only. You must not lend or share your card at any time, for any reason.

3.11 You are responsible for keeping your membership card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) secure as use of loyalty points and benefits is, at all times, your responsibility including where there is misuse of your card or if your card is lost or stolen.

3.12 You must promptly notify us of changes in your contact details, of any lost, stolen or malfunctioning membership card or any unauthorised use of the card.

3.13 Replacement lost or stolen cards will only be issued when satisfactory identification has been produced and a statutory declaration has been completed.

3.14 We may adjust your ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’, benefits or ‘bonus qualifiers’, or we may cancel your membership if you misuse your card, ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’, ‘bonus qualifiers’, benefits or club facilities or allow or enable someone else to do so. We may adjust your ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ if they incorrectly accrue in your favour.

3.15 You are responsible for your ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ and benefits, including observing any expiry periods.

3.16 ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’ will expire as follows:

3.16.1 ‘Collegians Rewards + Points’- at the end of every year at the cease of trade on December 31st.

3.17 Subject to any changes we make, the following ‘bonus qualifiers’ of membership benefits offered by us will enable you to receive the benefits listed in the following below:

3.17.1 Members will receive a BONUS on their point EARN per month on the below qualifiers, PLUS they will be locked into a PBP discount for the next month period:

          • EARN 1500 points or more in the month and receive 20% in bonus points & locked in PBP discount* of 20% for the next month
          • EARN 5000 points or more in the month and receive 30% in bonus points & locked in PBP discount* of 30% for the next month
          • EARN 15000 points or more in the month and receive 50% in bonus points & locked in PBP discount* of 50% for the next month

3.17.2 ‘pay-by-point discount’ under ‘bonus qualifiers’ does not apply to alcohol or gift shop purchases, or any items already allocated a ‘members price’.

3.18 Members ‘Collegians Rewards +’ ‘bonus qualifier’ benefits will be adjusted on the above criteria at the following times:

3.18.1 on the 1st Day of the next month period

3.19 Despite our best efforts, we may sometimes experience technical malfunctions and errors outside of our control. If we do, we will not be liable for the consequences to your membership and may adjust incorrectly accrued loyalty points & benefits.

3.20 ‘Collegians Rewards +’ membership, cards, loyalty points and any other benefits and privileges are not transferable and will lapse on a member’s death, suspension, exclusion or barring from the whole or part of one or more of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties.

  1. Ending Membership and ‘Collegians Rewards +’ Program

4.1 You do not need to be a ‘Collegians Rewards +’ member to use facilities at the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties. You may end your membership at any time at no charge,
including if you do not agree to any changes made to the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ program, including its terms and benefits. We ask that you return your membership card to a
‘Collegians Rewards +’ Club when ending your membership. Upon ending your membership, all loyalty points and benefits are forfeited.

4.2 Any ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property may end your membership, or limit your participation in any or all benefits (including cancelling loyalty points) immediately if

4.2.1 You commit a material breach of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ Terms or any other terms for the services (including club gaming rules) of ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties.

4.2.2 You are no longer permitted to enter any part of any of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties, including if you have been asked to leave or refused entry to any part of an ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property, an ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property withdraws your licence or denies you a licence to enter or remain in or on any part of any of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties.

4.2.3 You have been excluded from any of the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties (in whole or part).

4.2.4 You are dishonest or offensive or you bring (or through your conduct are likely to bring) the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties or ‘Collegians Rewards +’ into ridicule or disrepute as considered by an ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property acting reasonably.

4.2.5 We are required to do so in order to act legally or in accordance with the requirements of a Government authority,

4.2.6 Otherwise on reasonable notice and acting reasonably.

4.3 If this is done, your loyalty points and accrued benefits will be available for use during any notice period, but will be forfeited from the date your membership ends.

4.4 If a ‘Collegians Rewards +’ property ends or limits your participation in any or all benefits there is no requirement for them to provide reasons, written or otherwise, for that decision or any opportunity to be heard in relation to that decision.

4.5 One or more ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties may also suspend or terminate the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ program by providing reasonable prior notice to members (except where we are required to do so in order to act legally or in accordance with the requirements of a Government authority, when notice will not be required). If ‘Collegians Rewards +’ ceases to operate and is not replaced by another loyalty program, members can continue to redeem their accumulated benefits prior to the program ending where possible. After that time, all memberships are cancelled and all loyalty points and benefits forfeited.

  1. Privacy

5.1 Information about you, including information provided on this form and about your membership will be held by the ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties. This information is collected by
us for the purposes of operating ‘Collegians Rewards +’ and promoting our products, services, promotions and events. We may use and deal with your personal information in
accordance with our Privacy Policy available at ‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties at

5.2 For information on how to gain access to your personal information, how we use your personal information, how you lodge a privacy complaint or other privacy matters, please see our
Privacy Policy.

5.3‘Collegians Rewards +’ properties have legal obligations to provide information to some third parties such as government gaming regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as obligations to collect personal information under laws such as anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing.

Help is close at hand GAMBLEAWARE gambleaware.nsw.gov.au or call 1800 858 858.

Player Activity statements are available upon request