Head down to Collegians Wollongong for your chance to win!


We have our Christmas Ham Raffle running at Collegians Wollongong starting Thursday 2nd November


101 Hams every Sunday until Christmas starting 5th November

Drawn at 6pm with tickets on sale from 4:30pm


222 Hams on Sunday 10th & 17th December

Drawn at 6pm with tickets on sale from 4:30pm




Thursday, 2nd November- 20 Hams

Friday, 3rd November- 10 Hams

Sunday, 5th November- 101 Hams


Thursday, 9th November- 20 Hams

Friday, 10th November- 10 Hams

Sunday, 12th November- 101 Hams


Thursday, 16th November- 20 Hams

Friday, 17th November- 10 Hams

Sunday, 19th November- 101 Hams


Thursday, 23rd November- 20 Hams

Friday, 24th November- 10 Hams

Sunday, 26th November- 101 Hams


Thursday, 30th November- 20 Hams

Friday, 1st December- 10 Hams

Sunday, 3rd December- 101 Hams


Thursday, 7th December- 50 Hams

Friday 8th December- 10 Hams

Sunday, 10th December- 222 Hams


Thursday, 14th December- 50 Hams

Friday, 15th December- 20 Hams

Sunday, 17th December- 222 Hams


Thursday, 21st December- 50 Hams

Friday, 22nd December- 20 Hams

Sunday, 24th December- 50 Hams

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